Here are some helpful links to learning more about genetic genealogy.

Trusted websites/Blogs:

ISOGG page with handy chart on centimorgan matches to what level of cousin/relative…

Great article on why you might not find that Native American DNA you were told you had:

Redbone/Lumbee/Brass Ankles and other mixed Native people:

Native Heritage Project:

Melungeons*:   Please be aware, the concept of Melungeon, Malangu, Tri-Racial or Mixed Indians is a very volatile topic, and there are some theories out there that DO NOT hold water-please read other sites with care. Many people’s theories are “just” theories. Good rule of thumb, if someone is more interested in selling books than the research, that’s a possible red flag.


If you’re on Facebook, I HIGHLY recommend checking in with these communities of very helpful people (and I’ll bet you’ll find some cousins!):

Gedmatch Users Group:

DNA Newbies Group:

International Society for Genetic Genealogists:

For people looking for Biological parents:

Hispanic Ancestry:

Native American Ancestry: