Due to the limited amount of time I may currently have to compare notes on DNA and ancestors and trying to keep track of information and responses, if you have a simple non-“how are we related” question, please go to the form below or email me at findinggrandmothers (at)

But if you have seen a Facebook or blog post with your family surnames mentioned and would like to discuss our common connections, or find out how we are related, please have the following before contacting me (see form below):

  1. A DNA test from one of the “Big 3” testing companies: (Ancestry, 23andMe, or FTDNA.
  2. A Gedmatch number -VERY helpful and is the easiest way to figure out a match.
  3. A visible, public family tree on line somewhere.

You must display or state your legal name, testing company and gedmatch IDs if you have them, and have a public, visible family tree to share with me. I cannot discuss our common matches or genetic genealogy if you do not have at least an attempt at a tree.

If you need help getting started see my page on “Getting Started with DNA and Genealogy”

**AND PLEASE NOTE:  As per the ISOGG and Genetic Genealogy Standards (here),
all personal information, names and gedmatch numbers are meant for personal research only and any information shared is not meant to be reprinted in any form nor shared with the public on any websites without my (or anyone else’s) express written permission, nor will information shared with me be used without permission.**