Link Fixed

I regret the link to "Children of the Tradewater Basin" document was broken for a while but I've fixed it. See that huge chart, and map links here.


Some Documents on Elias Goddard

I recently had a free week of membership on a Newspaper site so went and grabbed some things that I was lacking... THIS is the most interesting and still really puzzling piece of info on Elias, and which Elias is WHICH. I theorized for a long time that the Elias (Jr) who was murdered in … Continue reading Some Documents on Elias Goddard

The Sons of Elias Goddard (circa 1795-1844)

As our cousin pool begins to grow, thanks to DNA testing. we are making some headway in who matches whom. (Please see note at bottom). Myself and my close cousins are descended from John Willis Goddard born 1837 on the (banks of the) Arkansas River in Cherokee territory. We know from John Willis' death certificate … Continue reading The Sons of Elias Goddard (circa 1795-1844)

Update and Direction: Learning Who You Really Are-Finding Your Roots

As I said in a previous post when I started this blog it was to have a public way to share some common ancestors, family stories and photos with new cousins I've found. Since then my work with genealogy and genetic genealogy has blossomed and grown in several directions. I find myself helping people within … Continue reading Update and Direction: Learning Who You Really Are-Finding Your Roots