Elias Goddard-Where We’re At Now

This guy, this one guy, has been the whole reason I have done research over almost twelve years.  We have pretty much everything we can find but a lot of it is still in the “what we THINK we know” category.
So here’s a catchup and some of the  documents I have collected.  I’m attempting to eventually put them all here so that others can find them.
If your name is Goddard and you’re from Georgia, especially North and West Georgia you are probably related to this man.  Note there are coastal Goddards and some in the Macon area that seem not to be related…the coastal ones I think are mostly from the Goddard family that had a big business selling slaves.

What we think we know now is that John Willis Goddard, b 1837 is the THIRD (possibly fourth) son of Elias Goddard (who we now call Jr. who was married to Nancy Russel and 2 others) and that Elias and his wife Mary Willis had two sons before John Willis, named Elias (who we now call Elias III) and Willis Goddard. DNA seems to corroborate this in several people.

One of the descendants of Willis took a DNA test and comes back as belonging in the Goddard group connected to John (who married Mary McTeir) and William (who married Elinor Muncy) which is what we assumed we would find.  Another cousin has come up with the idea that, if you follow the dates on information on Elias Sr. (the one who is in Morgan Co. GA in 1820 as the older Elias, spelled Goddart) and the John A. Goddard that married 2nd to Winnie Tidwell, that the dates seem to show that John A. and Elias Sr. may well have been the same person. Dates coincide, DNA indicates that direction too, and even the A. may be telling, as John Willis’ son, on his death certificate wrote that John Willis’ father was  named “Alias” (Uh Lie Us)…
And so that’s what it looks like…That John Willis, Elias III and Willis, along with Clarinda Jane Goddard Wyatt (m. Landing/Landon Wyatt) and Isabella Goddard Hinch (m. Theophilus Hinch) are all the children of Elias Jr. who is the son of Elias/John A. Sr., who we think it is likely is the son of William Goddard but with his previous wife, perhaps that “half-breed named Downs/Downes”.
We do believe that William was likely a son or grandson of Quakers, coming out of Maryland, and possibly the Elias Goddard who was transported in 1665. Yes, transported. As in criminal. But my guess is that his “crime” was being a Quaker…
Which leads, probably (but not for sure) back to England and then…who knows…

As far as DNA goes, there seems to be some connection to Coopers and Sizemores but I have not figured that out yet… And I just realized it is theoretically (and genetically) possible that John Willis is the SON of Elias III not his brother, which would explain the DNA that seems to be close Russell…Oy! There’s some things that are just not solvable and will make you crazy if you keep trying.
So that’s where we’re at…
And somehow that seems enough for me, so I’m winding down my research and moving on to non-internet hobbies…but who knows how long that will last!  Contact me here if you have questions or find any juicy details!









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