Cool Videos

Sorry I haven't been writing more-we are down to one computer and I so dislike trying to think and type on an iPad. Plus we're trying to finish bathroom reno, painting a bedroom and Spring is definitely calling us in 17 different directions, so computer time is limited. Not only am I a genealogy geek, … Continue reading Cool Videos



Recently, I uploaded my DNA info into another ancestry/genealogy site, one that gives pretty simple raw data, connections and names/email addresses. So I contacted the person who was highest on my list. We SHOULD BE third cousins, which means that our great-grandparents were siblings-in other words, we SHARE a great-great grandparent. We exchanged surnames back … Continue reading Crazy-Making

The Myth of the Cherokee Princess, or Family History Revised

I'm going to throw this out there, because while I'm sure a million of you have heard this story, I am sure some have not, and if I can save someone the embarrassment of telling this story in public and having someone else cry "BS", then it's worth it. The stories always go something like … Continue reading The Myth of the Cherokee Princess, or Family History Revised